Address WCP, Liendertseweg 72, Amersfoort, 3815 BJ, Netherlands


 We get different offers from investors and credit companies here. We invest only in the real economy. To keep money in a bank is unprofitable now. The bank pays deposit bonus and they are small, therefore money does not work effectively. It is much more interesting to be a share partner of a manufacturing company or a technology service company. It is a profit for many years. High-tech production enterprise can give 30-50 percent of profit per year. This is a very high rate. It is much more profitable for investor than keeping money in a bank.

Soon we plan to make shares and bonds to the listing on the stock exchange.  

We will get to work at the «Euronext Growth». It is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) operated under the commercial name “Euronext Growth” by the relevant market operator in Brussels, Lisbon and Paris. Euronext Growth is based on the same pan-European trading platform as the Euronext main cash market, enhancing liquidity. The Euronext Growth All-Share Index improves investors' ability to benchmark Euronext Growth-listed companies, which also helps to promote trading.

     Euronext Growth-listed companies benefit from a market with less stringent listing requirements and innovative operating rules, guaranteeing protection and transparency for investors. Euronext Growth is structured and operated in a centralized trading environment for all listed companies, enhancing financial transparency. It also provides exit opportunities for private equity and venture capital investors.