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Solar farm is a clean energy in the cities and towns

Solar energy is one of the most popular ways to get the green energy today. Solar farm is a very profitable investment. Solar energy is a cheap especially in warm regions. We made a very profitable high-tech project for the installation of solar panels in a several countries of the Europe and Asia. We install solar panels in open areas and also on the roofs of houses and buildings. 

Wind energy is a price and quality together

We i­­nstall wind turbines in open areas, as well as in the sea and along the sea coast, where there is always a wind. Wind farms have many generators to get and convert wind power to alternating current. Wind farms are often needed to give energy to distant towns and villages. Home mini wind generators can even fully provide power at home.  

Vortex hydro energy is an optimal solution for farms

Micro hydro turbines are installing at the rivers to generate energy for farms, small industries and towns. Micro turbines generate river power to get electricity. To get energy you need a waterfall more than 1 meter high. That is enough to get energy and concentrate it at one point. To get the vortex energy has a small river enough.The design of the turbine allows it to be installed along the river and get energy even if there is no high dam and therefore there is no risk of flooding a territory.  
The wave energy is the power of oceans
It is one of the most effective ways to get energy. The power of wave energy plants can be about 750 kW/ h and give electricity to 1000 homes. The power of one generator over 40 meters in length can be 150 kW/ h. Several generators installed together that have one anchor system and single power units are a wave farm.Wave power plant can replace surge suppressors that protect coast structures from destruction. Wave power is higher than wind power, so a wave power plant can become more profitable than wind power. The wave generator is not dangerous for a peace
Data Centre is a digital technologies and alternative green energy. 
The project will must to get investors to the construction "DATA CENTRE" and power plants and get company profit. The project will have specialized building for server and network equipment and user connection to internet channels. «DATA CENTRE» will be information processing, storage and distribution functions by provision of information services. «DATA CENTRE» will make computing resources and data storage facilities and will make a low cost of IT infrastructure by distributing the load and low administrative cost.The low temperature of the northern regions is ideal for cooling servers. The DATA CENTRE will provide cheap thermal energy for houses, apartments, educational institutions, manufacturing enterprises and also for heating greenhouses and water heating. Generation of heat energy by servers will be alternative substitution of expensive heating. «DATA CENTRE» powerful server equipment is heavy energy user; therefore, we will build power plants in the data center zone. 
Desalination of ocean water by reverse osmosis to use at the industry 
The desalination technology of ocean water has been successful today. Many countries need fresh water today. Over the past 40 years, the amount of fresh water per person in the world has decreased by 60%. Lack of fresh water has more than 80 countries in the world, located in the dried areas and make up about 60% of the land surface. The total water reserve on the Earth is about 1400 million cubic kilometers, of which only 2.5% (about 35 million cubic km) is fresh water. Ocean water accounts for about 98% of the world's water resources. One of the ways to get fresh water is the desalination of the saline waters of the World Ocean. 60% of the world's population lives in a coast strip 65 miles wide and large areas of dry places near ocean coasts. Therefore, ocean and sea water can become a good source of water for industrial use. Oceans water reserves are endless. Good technology is reverse osmosis (RO). There, a membrane is used that passes water under pressure and keeps impurities molecules. 
Waste processing plants is an alternative to garbage dumps
Since our company is working to the power plants and industrial factories development that do not damage the environment then we do garbage processing. Garbage is a good raw material for the production of any product. In Sweden, today they buy garbage for processing and manufacturing of final products. When processing waste they turn into secondary raw materials, energy or some other product.Any garbage waste are processed: glass, paper, cardboard, metals, asphalt, expanded polystyrene (EPS), PMD (Plastic flessen en flacons, Metalen verpakkingen en Drankkartons), KCA (Klein Chemisch Afval), tires, electrical appliances, textiles, wood, foil, asbestos, gypsum, leather, garden waste and others.  
Solar charging points VS Gas station 
Solar energy has a great future. People are already using electric bicycles, electric bikes and many people try to replace cars to electric cars and electric charging points become popular. Energy becomes cheaper than gasoline and people from towns and villages want to change cars to electric vehicles. The world is changing, and many people do not want to use "dirty" fuel and change it to clean energy. We can make charging points for electric vehicles in many places. Many famous companies have made electric cars and every year they do more. In the past, only gas stations have been used, but now there are electric points in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries. We are ready to do charging points together! 

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